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Obama Ice Cream! - From a Perch in Maryland Suburbia

Feb. 19th, 2008

10:47 am - Obama Ice Cream!

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awesome Fark.com headline of the day:

Ben and Jerry's introduces a flavor for Barack Obama, "Cherries for Change." It's light brown chocolate, smells like victory, and heals all sins 

I have a feeling it's actually pink, but still that's a funny take on it.  Could have gone all sorts of wrong with licking references...


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Date:February 19th, 2008 04:37 pm (UTC)
Yay! Finally something to unseat Clinton with us middle-age house-wifey types, whose vote everyone thinks she has. "Vote for Women! Woman Power! Oooo, Ice cream!"

(Sorry, being a bit sarcastic. I just love being *told* that I'll be voting for the Mrs. simple because of my demographic. Grrrr.)
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